What a crazy feeling to know that in 5 months we are planning on being in Medellin, Colombia. I knew it would happen fast, but things really kick in when you are spending time with your family over the holidays and realize that next year you won’t be in the United States to celebrate. Yesterday it dawned on me that we are supposed to start our application process for our VISA in just a couple of weeks. Are we ready?


Over the past year some things have become clearer during this process.

The first thing is that we are definitely going to miss our family and friends. We can feel that our time in Knoxville is quickly coming to a near end. We already feel a sense of sadness because we have spent so much time on the road raising Stott-Wallace support that we don’t get to see our church and its people on a regular basis. When we see someone it feels like it has been a month. Every time we get the opportunity to see our family we take it. We feel the urgency of enjoying every last chance before we move to Colombia. The time is near!

The second thing is that we are definitely on the right path for the plan God has had for us to enter the mission field. Every time we turn around we see how God is providing for us. From the basement we have lived in for the past year to Beaver Creek’s support and graciousness while we spend almost every weekend and some Wednesday’s traveling. From very specific doors opening and closing to watching people give what they can in an answered calling from God to work in His Kingdom.

God has been very good to us and we know it. We see how all these things are affirming for the goal that we are focused on. In seminary they talked a lot about calling during my first year. There was discussion on inward calls, where you feel like God is specifically calling you, and outward calls, where there is affirmation in your calling from outside people or sources. Our family feels at peace knowing that we have received and answered both an inward and outward call.

So what now???

We will continue to split time at Beaver Creek, split time with our family, split time with our friends, and travel to more churches to give people the opportunity to support our Cumberland Presbyterian missionaries through the Stott-Wallace Missionary Offering Fund. We need more people to say, “Yes, we can support our missionaries.”

Rev. Lynn Thomas (Director of Global Missions) always says that if 500 individuals, churches, and groups will give $2,000 a year then we would have a million dollars and we could recruit missionaries.

My goal in the next 5 months before we leave for Colombia is to get at least 20-30 new individuals, churches, groups, and presbyteries to give at least $2,000 a year. That is $166 and some change a month.

Jessica and I are committed to giving $2,000 a year. How about you?

Click HERE to donate or pledge now!

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