Only 6 Weeks Until We Leave!!!

The time is flying by and we cannot believe the last year we’ve had and what is ahead of us in six short weeks. Our blog is intended to express both the voices of Jessica and I. Maybe even the girls as they get older and if we are still in the mission field. Today we are writing in a way that will accomplish that goal. Jessica and I will both write about the whirlwind of a year we have had and how we feel preparing for our near departure on July 12th. I hope you enjoy!

A note from Patrick:

A Time of Prayer
Rev. Lynn Thomas (Director of Global Missions) praying for me in 2006 in Japan. We are on the far right

As I sit and look at the picture above, I can’t believe that it was taken almost eleven years ago. I would had never imagined that me kneeling in Japan in front of Rev. Lynn Thomas (Director of Global Missions) would some day turn into a relationship of mission work together. I know for a fact, that back then, I had no clue that Lynn would one day be my boss and I would be serving in a country he served in and loves so much. Yet, here we are. Six weeks from departure for the biggest job, move, and adventure of our lives.

This year or so has been a crazy blur of awesome memories. We applied for the mission field, had to tell Beaver Creek and Helen Ross McNabb Center that we were leaving our jobs, had to tell our family and friends we were moving to a foreign country, we were endorsed as Cumberland Presbyterian Missionaries, We moved into the basement for a year of some very gracious friends we now call family, moved to Jessica’s parents where they treat us so well, either donated or sold most of our stuff, we went out of town nearly every weekend to share our callings and raise funds for the Stott-Wallace Missionary Offering Fund (SW), went on a preview trip to Colombia, participated in our first film about SW, got passports for our daughters (you should have seen us get an official picture of a newborn), got our VISA’S, and spent as much time as possible with our families.

It has been enough to drive a person crazy, but the other day as we were driving we decided it has been amazing. This experience has been one of the coolest things I’ve ever done… and we aren’t even in Colombia yet. We have been tired, yes! We have been stressed, yes! We are ready to go, YES!

But here is the deal; we have learned so much about who we are, who our family is, and how God works. These learning experiences have us so excited to go out and share with others. God has been the constant in this experience and I feel like my relationship with Him is stronger that any other time in my life. I see His workings and footprints around every corner of this crazy journey! I can’t wait to get to Colombia and see how He continues to work and to use our family to hopefully further His Kingdom!

I know the next six weeks will fly by, but I’m ready. I know it is going to be crazy and I can already feel the time I have to spend with family and friends coming to an end, but I’m ready. There are still a lot of unknowns ahead of us, but I don’t have any fear or stress about the future, because God has done more than necessary to provide and lead our family thus far!

Thank you for all your support during this last year! We truly appreciate you all and hope to see you in the near future…. in the USA or in Colombia!



A note from Jessica:


I cannot believe how crazy this year has been and how fast it has flown by for us! I am constantly blown away by how much my life individually and our life as a family has changed in just one year! I feel so honored and blessed to have had these experiences. Although at times it was stressful and tiresome, it has been such a positive experience for all of us. We have been able to meet some pretty amazing people from across the denomination (and eat some pretty amazing potlucks)! It has been really neat to see how the Church is doing, and I am proud to say we have been VERY well received and treated very graciously. People have welcomed our loud, rambunctious children and have made sure they were cared for in Children’s Church or the nursery. Bella has been very excited to go to a “new church” to meet “new friends” most weekends. Although she does miss Beaver Creek, and we have caught her many times pretending to be Mrs. Barbara!

We are six weeks away. Just six weeks! It feels like it has taken forever to get here, but it also has been so quick and a blur! We are very excited, a little nervous, and a tad overwhelmed with the thought of finalizing things, storing the rest of our belongings, and packing our eight suitcases. We feel like we kind-of know what to expect when we get there, but we also know its probably going to be way different than we ever imagined.

I am very sad to leave family and friends, but I’m also very anxious to get there and get settled into a new home, a new culture, and a new language.  We are so thankful for the prayers and support everyone has given, and we continue to need prayers as we get ready to embark on one the greatest opportunities of our lives.

Hasta Luego!


3 thoughts on “Only 6 Weeks Until We Leave!!!

  1. Jessica I am so glad that I got to meet you and work with you. I loved hearing about your missionary work. I always admired how calm and collected you was during hard times. I always thought of you when I had my own hard times. I am so excited for you and your family. I can’t wait to see what God has planned for you in Columbia. God bless you and your family.


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